Recent News & Upcoming Events

New Classes

Some exciting news, I’ve started teaching a class on Monday evenings for the WorkFit U Graduate program at UC Berkeley.  The WorkFit U-Grad program is an in-house fitness program for UC Berkeley faculty and employees.  The athletes in the WFU-Grad program have gone through the prerequisite WorkFit U program in the past.  The Grad program is an opportunity to expand upon what they’ve learned about fitness, lifestyle change, and nutrition since joining WorkFit U.  Some Grads are also using this program to add fitness back into their lives or work on new goals.

I applaud the Grads for continuing their fitness journey and I’m looking forward to helping them improve over the next several weeks.  

Go Bears!

Go Bears!

On Thursday evenings you’ll find me at Oakland Fitness Company teaching a strength conditioning class from 6-7pm.  If you’re interested in dropping in for a free class, just send me an e-mail and let me know. 

One thing you can expect in my Thursday class is VARIETY.  Be prepared for a fun total body workout that could include a mix of TRX, free weights, battle ropes, kettlebells, and more.

Evening class hitting the battle ropes.

Evening class hitting the battle ropes.

Recent Events

On Sunday, February 22, Catalyze Fitness and Oakland Fitness Company participated in their first community event at St. Columba Catholic Church.  St. Columba hosted a hypertension screening event and trainers from OFC helped educate our community on ways exercise, fitness, and nutrition can reduce hypertension.

We raffled free personal training sessions, demonstrated how to use light gym equipment, and our OFC nutritionist, Erica Favela, shared a delicious green smoothie with our friends at the church.

Many thanks to St. Columba for the opportunity to share our health and fitness gospel!

Our booth at St. Columba

Our booth at St. Columba

Me, Mike B(OFC Owner), Lisa (OFC Trainer), and Erica (OFC Nutritionist)

Me, Mike B(OFC Owner), Lisa (OFC Trainer), and Erica (OFC Nutritionist)

Upcoming Events

The OFC/Catalyze Fitness community workout at Sports Basement is happening in early March.  We’ll be hosting a free workout at Sports Basement, Berkeley on Sunday, March 8th.

Here are the event details.

When - Sunday, March 8
Time - 11am - 12:30pm
Where - Sports Basement, Berkeley, 2727 Milvia St, Berkeley, CA - Community Room
Why - Get a free Sunday workout and meet people in your community!

Oakland based nutritionist, Erica Favela, is hosting a 4 part weekend series on nutrition at OFC starting on Saturday, March 21.  Find the details here, come check it, out and learn more about nutrition.

Thoughts on Training

Ankle mobility has been a priority in my clients' training.  It's important to add ankle flexibility and strength exercises to the workout routine especially for those who are trying to improve squat form or correct an excessive forward lean.  I’m spending 20 minutes with my clients at least once per week on evaluating ankle flexibility and teaching stretches, self-myofacial release,  and strengthening exercises.

Here’s a great video from Brent Brookbush explaining what happens when you have an excessive forward lean in the overhead squat and which muscles are overactive and underactive.

I start clients with shoes off, let them put one leg in a full single leg squat position (other leg can be resting on the floor), and take a look at the angle of dorsiflexion between the top of the foot  and anterior tibialis (shin).  In this position, assess how far the client’s knee can track over the ankle while keeping the heel grounded to the floor.  This gives you an idea of how much ankle flexibility the client has and you may notice that most will have more flexibility in one ankle compared to the other.  

After assessing the flexibility in both ankles, use a lacrosse ball or softball to break up fascia in the soles of the feet.  Do this for a few minutes and also roll the ball around the achilles and and in the calf muscle of both legs.

After a few minutes of rolling out overactive muscles, do some band exercises to work the ankles and strengthen the anterior tibialis.  Here are some great exercises, also from Brent Brookbush.

When the ankles are nice and warm, have the client do a few reps of air squats and the ankles should be flexible, pliable ready for a workout.  Clients will overlook this detail in their training so it is a trainer's responsibility to educate them on these complementary exercises that can help them execute larger movements with proper form.