Catching the X Train

In late May, I had a nice chat with Will.  Will takes my group strength training class at Oakland Fit Co and he was telling me about a recent ski trip to Mount Shasta.  Mt. Shasta, which is 4 hours north of the Bay Area, is at the southern end of the Cascade Range and it is the 5th highest peak in California.

May seemed a little late for skiing, but according to Will, an avid skier, there was still snowfall which meant it was fair game to hit the slopes.  Mental note - add this to the growing list of awesome wonders and pleasures of California.

I asked Will how it went, and immediately his face lit up and beamed with pure delight.  He was all smiles from ear to ear, and he had that content look about it him that said it all - he had a hell of good time and it was amazing!  

He also added that it was the best skiing and climbing he’s done in YEARS!

He explained that he and his wife have an on-going “competition” on the mountain.  Typically, he eats her dust and tries to keep up.  But this time was different and for a change, Will was no longer lagging behind her, but rather setting the pace for both of them.  

Thanks, Cross Training!

Will sang praises to the cross training and strength conditioning work he did for several months at Oakland Fit Co and in my class.  He’s an active athlete, but only recently decided to incorporate other exercises that combined interval training, strength training, agility training, and cardiovascular exercises to his normal routine.  

His hard work paid off at Mount Shasta and now he feels like a stronger, well rounded, and balanced athlete. I absolutely love hearing stories like this!  When people surprise themselves with their new physical capabilities, a light turns on and it's like discovering a super power.  Helping people find new limits, that's what this is all about!  

Will was dizzy with excitement, clearly still high from his trip.  He approached me recently and told me that he finally convinced his wife to do some cross training and she’ll be working with me soon.  I can't wait to work with her and plan on having some fun, and of course, helping her reclaim her seat on the “throne”.  

Fruits of Cross Training


A training routine that combines different forms of exercises is a great way to work different muscle groups, develop a new set of fitness skills, and kill the gym boredom after months of the same workouts

Our body is very efficient at adapting to movements.  After months of doing the same exercises at the same intensity, the body plateaus and will maintain a certain level of fitness unless more stress is placed on the system.  For those who participate in only repetitive movement sports, (running and cycling), adding cross training is even more important. It helps reduce the risk of injury from overuse by challenging the body to move in different positions and various planes of motion.

The summer days are longer and there are endless options for outdoor workouts here in big beautiful California, so don’t be afraid to mix it up and try some new types of training.  Whether it’s trail running, hiking, hill sprints, yoga, kick boxing, swimming, or a HIIT class - go for it!  Your body will thank you.  

Better yet, sign up for one of my classes at Oakland Fit Co for a total body burner that will challenge your strength and also get your heart rate pumping!

Take advantage of these benefits today by adding cross training to your routine!

  • Kill the gym boredom.
  • Gain higher level of conditioning.
  • Reduce risk of injury from repetitive movements.
  • Work and condition the entire body.
  • Improve body movement in different planes of motion.
  • Train other muscle groups while others recover.
  • Improve agility, balance, and overall fitness skills.

Events & Updates

In late May, Catalyze Fitness wrapped up a 3-month cross training program with friends from Capoeira Mandinga in Oakland.  This special group of athletes have electric energy, amazing capoeira skills, and I’m so proud to have had the opportunity to train them and see them in action at their special event, Sarau Na Mandinga.  

Excellent work everyone and thank you for sharing your art with me, Obrigada!

Catalyze Fitness also participated in Love Our Neighborhood Day in North Oakland.  It was a blast and a perfect day to get to know the Golden Gate community, meet new people, and spread fitness good vibes!

A special shout out to Sonia and Anne, our partners specializing in massage therapy for the work they’ve done with Catalyze Fitness and Oakland Fit Co.  Thanks for all of your help!

Oakland Fit Co and Catalyze Fitness have partnered with Road Runner Sports, Berkeley as a running check point for their monthly Adventure Race, which takes place on the 4th Thursday of the month.  There are tons of opportunities to win shoes, apparel, as well as fitness and wellness goods and services in the East Bay - sign up for July's run here!