Good Vibes and Testimonials

I came to Angela with a permanently damaged lower back after a years-long progression from rest, to physical therapy, to carefully adapted Pilates. I felt ready for more strenuous exercise but also terrified of any setback in my progress.  I had to find a trainer who could help me be smart about this, when I didn’t really even know what that meant. Right up front, my two main goals were to ‘be safe’ and ‘be able to drop into a group workout class.’

Angela worked to improve my form with every workout, and she kept surprising me with things I NEVER thought I’d be able to do. Really, Angela? A rowing machine? With my back???  Yep - no problem, with good form. But . . . deadlifting heavy weights? She taught me to do it safely and correctly.

Angela pushed me just enough. Where trainers I’d worked with in my pre-injury days would just keep pushing well beyond my limits, Angela pushed until she saw the smallest change in my form - then we’d move on and come back to that exercise later. And it worked! I looked forward to our chats and barely noticed as the months passed and the kettlebells and weight plates got much bigger.

My confidence grew, and one day I showed up for a circuit training class at a gym, telling myself I could run away screaming at any time. Everything looked very serious and intimidating, and I was beyond surprised when it was just . . . completely fine. There were rowing machines and deadlifts and all the things I’d been doing with Angela.  No problem.

And that was it.  Over the following six months, I supplemented more and more with circuit training group classes, and finally, I graduated from personal training!  Angela took a damaged, deconditioned, middle-aged woman afraid of the gym and delivered me 18 months later to a 3x/week intense circuit training habit!  

I’m still here in Raleigh and would love to chat with anyone considering working with Angela. Feel free to ask her for my name and number! - Molly S.


I had the pleasure of working out with Angela in two different settings: a circuit class at work and group personal training.

Angela's commitment to each individual's improvement was evident in the feedback she provided to us and the exercise progression she constructed. Her style was different from what our work group was accustomed to; we were performing more functional movement than before and cognizant of efficiency of effort. This prompted a colleague and me to reach out to her for private personal training.

In a private setting, she surpassed our expectations by having us do an even greater variety of exercises. Without the limited restrictions of a work setting and equipment, all of her workouts are inventive and original; we never repeated the same workout twice.

Also, limitations from arthritis prevented me from performing at a higher intensity than before. Angela was able to modify my exercises so that I was still getting a full body resistance workout, but at a lower intensity. It wasn't any less difficult than previous sessions and I continued to see results in weight loss and inches.

She is a thorough professional and an expert in body movement, TRX, strength training, weight lifting, etc. I've worked out with many trainers and Angela has provided the best results in the shortest amount of time. -Mel M.

I am a 69 year old female who got carried away (for decades) with responsibilities which had nothing to do with physical well-being. I took care of many people, children and adults, without taking care of my own needs. As a result, I became disproportionately "out of shape," overweight by 50 pounds and feeling sluggish and slow. When I met Angela, I knew immediately she would be able to work with me in a positive supportive way because of her overall attitude and her ability to connect in a meaningful way.

After our first session I was "stoked" to get going! She knew how to honor my pace, how to target different body parts without putting too much stress on any one area, and how to encourage me to keep up. Angela knew just how far to push me, how to assess where my limits were at, and when to change up activities. Her warm ups and stretches made a huge difference in my ability to adjust to the requirements, and the cool downs were definitely fun (outdoor walking while carrying & moving weights with stops beneath trees where we stretched). The actual work-outs were great, though sometimes scary for someone who had been out of her body for so long, because they were varied, interesting, and specific to senior-type problems (such as squats for strengthening the core so we can get up more easily, and lunges for stronger legs). I felt lighter and stronger two days after each workout, charged up, needing less sleep and looking forward to our next time together. One look at Angela tells you everything you need to know about her discipline and physical prowess. She has an incredibly strong, flexible, well-balanced physique, but more than this she has an intelligence which knows how to bring everything together. She is enthusiastic, positive, and emotionally connected with her clients, always enthusiastic and dare I say "utterly beautiful through and through."- Linda W.

I'd highly recommend Angela to anyone wanting to get in shape.

I came to Angela to build strength and lose some weight and could immediately tell it was a good match. Angela is everything you want in a trainer - attentive, provides corrections on form, pushes you to your limits, explains exercises well, and, best of all, she makes workouts fun! Her workouts are challenging, vigorous and exciting. I never got bored or knew what to expect during our sessions. Best of all, she is an overall cool person and a pleasure to hang out with a few times a week (while she's kicking your butt). - Jamie S.

Training with Angela was more than AMAZING !

I've been playing basketball for 15+ years and never felt so ready for season like I did after the summer training with her ! Her workouts were very challenging but so beneficial. I recommend her to anyone who's looking to get into shape! She gives nutritional advice as well !! I can't wait to get home from school to start training with her again! -Aleah B.


I came in to Angela's training sessions pretty confident in my workout abilities.  She quickly kicked my ass and showed me where the new bar was.  

Never before have I felt so humbled but at the same time empowered.  At times the most difficult workout regime I've ever done, but it's also hands down the most rewarding.  I trained with her 3 days a week for almost 11 weeks and was never bored.  Her workouts are dynamic and they never get stale.  Thanks to Angela, my endurance is the highest it's ever been.  And in those 11 weeks I went up about 30lbs in bench press, and over 40lbs in deadlift and squats.  Angela is the real deal.  If you want to put in work, if you're not afraid to sweat, and more importantly, if you want real results, see Angela!  -Tom M.

Tom Deadlift.JPG


When I came to Angela, I had fuzzy goals and she helped solidify them into an actual plan.

She has been receptive to feedback and has answers any and all questions I’ve had. She’s approachable and easy to work with, and I’d recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness! -Kevin E.


I've worked with Angela since September.  

When I started with her, I could barely move.  She wasn't snotty or judgmental; instead, she has great patience mixed with persistence and a lot of skill in organized work outs to increase overall strength without injury.  I highly recommend her.  -Chris T.